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Leadership and Culture Transformation

Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions –
Creating a High Performance Coaching Culture by Transforming Managers and Salespeople into World-Class Coaches

Transforming a company culture begins with transforming and developing your people into top performing coaches. Making them the priority each day through consistent and effective coaching has been proven to produce a long term, measurable business impact. That’s why training doesn’t develop champions. Managers do. If you want to make your people more successful and have them live their fullest potential today, first make your managers world class coaches – the critical and missing skill of top sales leaders. Based on Keith Rosen’s award-winning book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, discover how you can become a more effective and influential, inspiring leader that boosts sales and productivity, improves performance, retains top talent and most important; builds trust.

This is your opportunity to learn how to confidently facilitate the critical, engaging coaching conversations so that your team can resolve their own problems and take ownership of the solution in order to build a team of self-driven, highly accountable and productive people.

Transform your people – transform your culture.

During this highly interactive program, you will learn how our other clients were able to achieve these results, and so can you:

  • Decrease negative attrition by 30-50%
  • Increase closing percentages by 15% – 35%.
  • Increase average employee compensation by 65%
  • Cut your sales cycle by 25%.
  • Save on average, 24 hours a week on unproductive tasks or distractions.
  • Create a comprehensive culture where everyone is a coach and is coachable, wile being reinforced through peer to peer coaching.
  • Deliver a step-by-step roadmap on how to roll out, and position the cultural journey so that everyone is focused towards a unified goal to create a high performance coaching culture.
  • Build a healthy, inspiring high performance culture and avoid creating a stressful, result oriented, fear based culture.
  • Boost sales faster while reducing your workload.
  • Develop and retain your top performers.
  • Make the transition from Chief Problem Solver to high performing sales leader.
  • Leverage the right questions and coaching framework to effectively coach, develop and motivate your team.
  • Tap into people’s individuality to bring out their best.
  • Shift from being a data manager to a people manager to effectively uncover the gaps that prevent peak performance.
  • Identify the critical conversations leaders have in order to make a deeper, more meaningful impact that produce results.
  • Build coaching into your rhythm of business to create a consistent coaching cadence.
  • Identify timely challenges and obstacles that prevent you from becoming a transformational leader and coach.
  • Leverage your CRM to uncover more developmental and coaching opportunities to accelerate your sales cycle and win more business.

Training develops people. Coaching develops champions. Your new competitive edge.

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