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We don’t train people. We transform them to create a High-Performance Coaching Culture.


Who is Coachquest?

Anyone can deliver a training program. The question is, after the training event is over, are people internally inspired for the long term, does it stick, cause a measurable change in behavior and generate results that undeniably justify the training? That’s why training doesn’t develop champions. Managers do. If you want to make your people more successful, first elevate your salespeople, sales leaders, as well as every people leader into elite, transformational coaches. Transform your people – transform your culture.

Top organizations do not think, respond to, communicate or see things the same way their competitors do. These distinct differences in their core beliefs, strategies, skills and how they do things caused them to achieve more, every single day. The way they manage their time, set and manage goals, put strategies in place to achieve these goals and how they communicate internally and with their customers are clearly different than those who did not possess similar core beliefs.

Coachquest is not a training company. We’re a transformational company focused on the personal transformation of people, processes and cultures. When you put your people first, only then can you change your company culture. As a company specializing in human behavior, Coachquest focuses on leadership, selling, time management, work ethic, personal productivity, employee and client retention, on-boarding and hiring.

Companies looking to create unprecedented results require a different approach and a different kind of facilitator. When you work with our skilled subject matter experts, thought leaders, coaches and advisors, only then can you achieve long lasting results because we focus on transforming not only what you do but the way you and your people think, work, sell, manage and collaborate.


Enabling Greatness by Igniting Human Potential

Coachquest is the evolution of Profit Builders, the an award-winning, global organization providing executive coaching, sales coaching and management coach training.

As the innovators of leadership coach transformational programs, Coachquest empowers leaders how to facilitate critical, value-driven coaching conversations that enable you to make better critical business decisions, achieve business objectives faster and make your people your new competitive edge. That’s why winners don’t always do different things; they simply think differently and do things differently. We empower companies to leverage this power to create unprecedented results.

Recognized as one of the Top 10 Sales Coaching and Training Companies in the world by Selling Power magazine over the last four consecutive years, we aspire to work only with organizations who authentically put their people first—a group that now includes hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and business leaders in practically every industry across five continents and over 60 countries.

Since 1989, we have been coaching entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and salespeople to create breakthrough results, achieve more rewarding goals, eliminate challenges at work, and create an extraordinary life.

We have cracked the code on how organizations can truly become the leaders in their industry by focusing on three critical areas traditional training fails to address which are to transform:

  1. People (skill development and mindset development – how to think like a leader)
  2. Processes (refinement and adoption of global best practices into your processes and strategies)
  3. Company cultures. (Reinventing the culture you want to create within your organization.)

This creates unprecedented behavioral changes that lead to breakthrough results.

While most training organizations only focus on what needs to change, we focus on who they need to be, why they need to change and the process that incorporates the best practices to achieve your business objectives. When you can effectively achieve this, everything else falls into place, and a new culture is created.


Transform your Thinking – Transform Your Results

Coachquest helps organizations:


Developing the Mindset of a Champion

A Holistic Approach to Developing Elite Leaders

Have you truly maximized your fullest potential? Do you know what you are truly capable of? For three decades, and in over 60 countries, Coachquest has been answering the question leaders have been asking themselves: “What’s getting in our way to achieve true greatness?”

Coachquest answers these timeless questions and it’s why we have been retained by the world’s best and brightest companies. Coachquest has mastered the art and science of developing both the optimal mindset and attitude in addition to the critical skills that electrify individuals and organizations to achieve what they never imagined to be possible.

Since beliefs always precede the experience created or actions people choose, participants leave our programs, changing their behavior, activity and approach not because they have to but because they WANT to. Every one of our programs are highly engaging, with deep, relevant interactive exercises, simulations and real plays, while ensuring we incorporate the inner game of leadership and success by incorporating both skill and mindset/belief and thinking-based training into every curriculum.


Changing the World by Transforming People

We guarantee:

  1. 100% participant engagement, adoption and buy-in.
  2. Immediate and tangible behavioral changes.
  3. Documented transformation of employee engagement, motivation and personal responsibility that transform people to achieve company key performance indicators and objectives.


Coachquest – Transforming lives and organizations, one person at a time.




For over thirty years, Keith has been working with caring managers and salespeople so they can transform to live their fullest potential through our transformational sales, leadership, executive sales coaching and personal productivity program. By enabling your greatness – only then is it possible for your team to thrive.

A globally recognized authority on sales and leadership and the pioneer of executive sales coaching and management coach training, Keith Rosen is the CEO of Profit Builders and founder of Coachquest, named one of the Best Sales Training and Coaching Company Worldwide. Over the last three decades, Keith has delivered his programs to hundreds of thousands of salespeople and managers in practically every industry; on five continents and in over 60 countries.

Inc. magazine and Fast Company named Keith one of the five most influential executive coaches. Keith has written several best sellers on leadership, time management and sales, including, Own Your Day and the globally acclaimed Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, winner of Five International Best Book Awards and the #1 best-selling sales management coaching book on for the last six consecutive years.

As a leader in the coaching profession, Keith was inducted in the inaugural group of the Top Sales Hall of Fame in recognition for his outstanding contributions in sales and leadership development. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Keith was also featured on the award winning television show, Mad Men and was one of the first out of only a handful of coaches who earned the distinguished Master Certified Coach designation credentialed through the International Coach Federation.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of thousands of sales professionals, managers, and business leaders in practically every industry across five continents and in over 60 countries. With all the wonderful people I’ve met around the world, there is one common denominator; coaching is truly a universal language.”

According to Keith, “My greatest honor and reward is helping people transform their lives. I’m passionate about working with Fortune 2,500 companies, CEO’s, sales professionals and sales management teams to create thriving cultures. Aside from providing sales training programs and developing world class leadership teams, coaching sales leaders and business owners one to one to achieve their goals, honor their priorities and create more harmony in their life is something I value deeply.”

Keith is one of the first out of only a handful of coaches who earned the distinguished Master Certified Coach designation credentialed through the International Coach Federation.

Named The 2009 Sales Education Leader of the Year, Keith has also been recognized as one of the top 25 Sales and Leadership Blogs for the last seven years. He was also named one of the 50 Best Salespeople of all time, along with Zig Ziglar, Steve Jobs, Dale Carnegie and Jeff Bezos.

Keith currently lives in New York with this beautiful wife and three remarkable children who are and will always be his greatest inspiration.

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